Audio and video

Self hosted audio

 [audio ogg= "" mp3= ""] 

  • mp3 - mp3 file link, direct link to .mp3 file
  • ogg - ogg file link, direct link to .ogg, .oga file
  • poster - poster link
  • posterheight
  • width

Self hosted video

 [video m4v= " video/m4v/Big_Buck_Bunny_Trailer.m4v" ogv=" video/ogv/Big_Buck_Bunny_Trailer.ogv" width="460"] 

  • link - direct movie link
  • type - video type (used only if link not given) - youtube; vimeo; dailymotion; flash;
  • clipid - used for youtube, vimeo and dailymotion used only if link not given)
  • src - flash movie source, used only for flash movies
  • m4v - m4v url, .m4v self hosted video url
  • ogv - ogv url, .ogv self hosted video url
  • width
  • height

Direct link

 [video link= " /watch?v=6kw1UVovByw"] 


 [video type="youtube" clipid="6kw1UVovByw"] 

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 [video type="vimeo" clipid="9335203"] 


 [video type="dailymotion" clipid="xf3fk2"] 


 [video type="flash" src= " v/AY2HPvoqSTE"] 

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